Virtual Gastric Band

The Virtual Gastric Band is a suitable procedure for anyone who is considering Gastric Band surgery or has a BMI of 25 or above. Using suggestion, visualisation and behavioural techniques you will feel as if you have undergone real gastric band surgery around the upper part of your stomach. It is an approach that works for clients who want to lose weight safely and permanently over a period of time and taps into the unconscious to make REAL CHANGE possible. The most important factor is that you are ready and willing to fully engage in the process and put in the effort required on your part.

How will it feel

After surgery you will notice that while you are eating you start to feel fuller much more quickly than usual. As part of a healthy eating plan you will also start to enjoy healthier, lighter foods and make positive choices when it comes to food and lifestyle.


In the first session an assessment will be made as to your suitability for the virtual procedure. Not everyone will be suitable and other weight loss options will be discussed in this instance. A detailed case history will be taken to ascertain eating habits and to identify a realistic goal for weight loss. This will then be followed by Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis.

The first 3 sessions should be scheduled one week apart and the gastric band 'surgery' will be carried out in the 3rd session. The 4th session should be scheduled 2 weeks after the actual procedure. As well as receiving hypnotherapy you will also be given homework tasks including recordings to be listened to in your own time to reinforce the suggestions given.


The Virtual Gastric Band is a package and it is important that all 4 sessions are completed. If you are suitable for the procedure then £150 must be paid at the first session and the remaining balance paid by the 2nd session.