Havening Technique

The Havening Technique is a science based psychosensory therapy originating in the US by Dr Ronald Ruden. It changes the structure of the brain to effect positive change on the mind and body. It is particularly useful as a tool for dealing with stressful life events and traumatic memories for the likes of PTSD, phobias and anxiety.

Havening is literally translated to 'putting into a safe place.' Using the Havening Technique changes the neural pathways associated with fear and allows us to formulate new, positive responses and a healthier mindset. If you find yourself constantly re-living past events or having flashbacks and unable to move beyond stressful situations from the past, then the Havening Technique is perfect for you. It allows you to move beyond past conditioning, to build your inner resilience and re-gain control so you can live more in the present moment.

The therapy is a completely transformative process and the client is also taught self-help tools to aid in their day to day life. The program consists of 4 sessions which can be done in person or via skype.