Customer Testimonials

East Kilbride, November 2019
"Excellent! Allowed me to understand more about myself and I can control my feelings"
Bellshill, November 2019
"I am glad to report that after 44 years of nicotine addiction, I have not had a single cigarette in 21 days since visiting you. Can't quite believe it but hey ho, I'll take it. The interesting thing is, although I still think about cigarettes, I have not had a craving"
Motherwell, August 2019
"Andi is amazing. My 10yr old daughter suffered badly with sleep anxiety for over 3 years. She had went to camhs team but it didn’t help. My daughter is like a changed wee girl she said she felt like a weight has lifted from her and is smiling all the time. I wish I had brought her to Andi at the start of her issues. Would recommend Andi to anyone feeling stressed or anxious."
Uddingston, August 2019
"Last year I went on a ride in Florida that I tried to get off as it was very closed in, immediately I started to panic. However, the staff failed to hear me shouting and banging from the inside so it took off. After this I all of a sudden wasn’t able to go on anymore rides, planes or lifts due to this trauma. I contacted Andi who was very keen to help me concur my fears that were preventing me from doing day to day activities. After having 3 sessions my mindset went back to how it was prior to the incident, I started using the lift in my work subconsciously and I’m currently looking at holidays, that involves flying! Can’t recommend or thank Andi enough."
Wishaw, August 2019
"After visiting Andi and having some work done I've felt more calm and relaxed in social situations simply by deep breathing and using the Havening techniques shown to me by Andi. I definitely feel a difference in myself and would recommend it to anyone suffering from social anxiety or depression. Thank you so much."
Blantyre, July 2019
"I made an appointment to see Andi after reading her excellent reviews. I had a long-standing issue around food, dating back to my teenage years. I was replacing most of my meals with packets of crisps, sometimes up to 5 bags a day. I was quite ashamed about this, however Andi was so understanding, non-judgemental and keen to help. She made me feel at ease instantly. After my first session, my whole thought process around food changed entirely. I haven't ate a single bag of crisps since and have been craving healthy and nutritious foods. There are no urges and I feel like a healthier and happier me! I have so much more energy and see lots of changes in my moods too. Wish I'd done it a long time ago. Would absolutely recommend to anyone."
Hamilton, July 2019
"Andi was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad she was!! She has been brilliant with me from the minute I met her and then chatted on the phone to discuss ways she could help me. I suffer from anxiety and depression and have tried endless therapies and techniques up until now to try and help me live with it. When I went to Andi initially I felt like completely giving up and had lost faith in everything. Havening and hypnotherapy with Andi though has been a game changer. I am feeling probably the best I have felt in a very long time. I have a much more positive outlook now and have really started to accept myself and start to live in the here and now, something I could never get to grips with before. Learning to haven myself has taught me a skill that I can really keep going as I move forward in life now, which I'm so appreciative of. Andi is so warm, friendly and welcoming. She's so easy to chat to and open up to and I know I can turn to her anytime for help and advice. Honestly can't recommend her enough!! Thank you so much!!
East Kilbride, July 2019
"I had a havening course with Andi to help me overcome historical grief and trauma issues and was very apprehensive before attending the first session. I was made to feel at ease immediately through Andi's caring, professional and welcoming nature. Can't believe the wonderful impact that the havening course has had on me. I'm self havening every day thanks to Andi's teachings, and in a much better place both physically and emotionally. Would absolutely recommend Andi for anyone who is having issues with anxiety and grief and can't thank her enough for the help she has given me."
Falkirk, June 2019
"I can't recommend Andi highly enough. I had problems with chronic pain and some personal trauma. The treatments for both were amazing and very successful. The pain I had for years has gone completely and hasn't returned and the Havening process has made a huge difference with some very difficult issues. Andi is a wonderful practitioner with a magical touch. Can't thank her enough.
Lanark, June 2019
"I have had gastric band therapy with Andi and have found her to be a caring and understanding therapist. The therapy has worked well and I am still losing weight. After years of struggling I have found this weight loss fairly easy and I am coping well. I would recommend this therapy to anyone who is struggling with their weight loss. Andi is so positive I leave her sessions feeling very positive. Thank you Andi."
Hamilton, May 2019
"Andi made me feel relaxed and at ease from start of her great service. At the time of treatment I was going through some issues, Andi helped from the initial consultation and I knew I had made the right choice."
Glasgow, April 2019
"Before I started my sessions with Andi I was quite sceptical as I didn't think there was anything anyone could do or say to help with my anxiety and sexual problem. I did the Havening course and can't believe the difference it has made. I am now self havening everyday and I am a lot calmer, happier and more in control of my emotions. Andi made it vey easy to open up about how I was feeling which made the process something I genuinely enjoyed in the end. I would absolutely recommend this treatment to anyone who is struggling with anxiety. Thanks Andi! X"
Shotts, February 2019
"I went to visit Andi about another issue when we started to talk about the chronic pain that I have suffered from for almost 14 years, due to a genetic condition I have arthritis in my hands and feet. I’ve always been advised by my consultants that I would always be on a pain management regime due to the damage in my joints, however due to developing a stomach ulcer I had to effectively half the medication I was taking for pain relief and as other drug therapies didn’t suit me I was left wondering how I would cope over the winter when the cold and damp weather aggravate my arthritis. After a short session with Andi, concentrating on my pain, it’s like a weight has been lifted off of me. Straight away I felt the pain slide down my body and out my feet into the floor, I wasn’t totally pain free at first but after a couple of days my pain had decreased to such a point that I was taking a minimal amount of medication and felt I could cope so much better. After a week or two I was actually going days without taking medication as I was actually able to cope with how my body was feeling. And now almost 8 weeks on I would say that I only have to take medication 2 or 3 times a week and not the maximum amount I could take every day as before. This has really changed my life, I now know I can face the future without worrying about how I will cope with long term pain. I have had such an improvement that I recently completed a hill walk that I wouldn’t have contemplating doing or finishing 3 months ago."
Larkhall, February 2019
"I had a Havenng course with Andi as my anxiety was so bad I was struggling to cope. It stopped my life and made me want to stay in the house. On my first session I got immediate relief and felt free from panic. Andi taught me how to self-haven which has been a lifesaver to me. I went from having 2 panic attacks daily to not having any in 5 weeks. If anyone is struggling with anything, I would 100% recommend this. It has changed my life and helped me so much to overcome the hurdles that life throws at you! I have also had a Reiki treatment following my sessions and I cannot recommend it more! It was an hour of deep relaxation and just realigned everything that it needed to. Honestly Andi I cannot thank you enough, it has changed my life and I mean every single word of it. You have helped me so much and I'm so grateful. Thank you x"
Wishaw, January 2019
"I have been attending Meditation classes over the past 8 months which have been so beneficial to my mental and physical wellbeing. Due to personal issues going on, Andi suggested to try Havening therapy as I had been having flashbacks of traumatic experiences I had witnessed as a child. Andi was absolutely fantastic and Havening has completely changed my thought process after just one session. Andi provided me with coping techniques to try when I became overwhelmed whilst at work or at home. I have never looked back and will certainly be having some more sessions of therapy."
Airdrie, November 2018
"I was a little sceptical about hypnotherapy but Andi explained the process well. The sessions have helped me address a number of issues and have provided tools to help me tackle stressful situations. The whole experience was positive."
Wishaw, October 2018
"My life issues when I arrived to attend the Havening Therapy from Andi were complex. Andi was exceptional from the first day until my last session of Havening, her ability to understand how I felt and direct me in a constructive, professional, caring manner was without doubt beneficial and life changing. As I have already told Andi a million times, words don't convey how I have improved through Andi and Havening. So once again... THANK YOU ANDI!!"
Hamilton, September 2018
"My son came to see Andi with anxiety and sleep issues - he is now a changed boy so much happier within himself and sleeping well. I am delighted and so is he! Thanks for all you've done Andi x"
Lanark, August 2018
"My daughter came to see you for help with her fear of wasps. From that first session with you the change was amazing! Instead of running to the hills when a wasp came near, she sat still and quiet and didn't panic. The school bus journey became much more pleasant for her and when the windows were open, she enjoyed the fresh air rather than worrying about wasps flying in! She is happy to look forward to next year without a fear of wasps. Thank you so much Andi, you were a joy to work with... the transformation has been amazing!!"
Wishaw, June 2018
"My experience was extremely rewarding. Thank you!"
Carluke, April 2018
"Went for hypnosis. Very nice, professional and friendly. Put me at ease. Has made a big difference in my thoughts towards eating. Would recommend."
Blantyre, February 2018
"Love what Andi has taught me. Been through a particularly tough 18 months which left me at rock bottom but after working with Andi I feel equipped to take on the world again."
Coatbridge, January 2018
"Attended 2 sessions to stop nail biting after 40 years! It's been about a month and so far so good. Will definitely use again in the future. Recommended."
Hamilton, November 2017
"I have smoked all my life and after trying different things to give up I thought I'd give hypnotherapy a try. After just one session I have not touched a cigarette or had any notion to. I feel so much healthier and have a lot more money in my pocket. Thanks Andi!"
Coatbridge, July 2017
"Andi has helped me so much with my crippling entomophobia. Previously I couldn't even be in the same room as any insect whatsoever without completely freaking out - but after spending some time with Andi and having her be so understanding and helping me I'm now able to be near insects and I was able even to catch a moth and set it free! Definitely 1000% recommend Andi! She's incredibly welcoming and genuinely cares about helping you."
Coatbridge, June 2017
"I have suffered with anxiety and depression for several years and found Andi to be very understanding and calming - she helped me to feel calm and in control. I have definitely benefitted so much from seeing Andi she made me feel at ease and start to feel happy again and back in control of my life."
Motherwell, May 2017
"I was a bit apprehensive about hypnotherapy but Andi made me relaxed and explained everything to me. I had a fear of heights and it was putting barriers up for me to carry out my job on a day to day basis. After two sessions I have faced my fear and have managed to carry out those jobs I was anxious about. I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy. Thanks for your help and support Andi."
Lenzie, February 2017
"After a scary incident, my son's fear of cats and dogs became extreme. Working with Andi was relaxing and not at all stressful for him. In fact he looked forward to the sessions. After a few sessions I am really pleased with how well he is doing. Not at all fazed by them now, the result we both wanted. I would highly recommend Aurora Hypnotherapy."
Paisley, February 2017
"I was very sceptical about trying hypnotherapy for my chocolate addiction. As it turns out it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I haven't eaten any chocolate for 4 weeks and feel a lot more positive in my outlook. Thank you Andi"
Hamilton, September 2016
"Andi helped me... to self hypnotize and relax during flights. I am especially terrified of take-off and landing. The last 2 flights I have been on... I didn't even know when the plane had landed as I was so relaxed and in my own space. Amazing, thanks Andi!
Glasgow, August 2016
"I have had reiki sessions with Andileeb and they far exceeded my expectations. She demonstrated professionalism and expert knowledge as well as making me feel at ease. This allowed me to get the most out of the sessions and I feel they have benefitted me in terms of overall feelings of wellbeing."
Stirling, April 2016
"I have been around 3st overweight for years, and all the faddy diets haven't worked for me! I was sceptical, at first, about hypnotherapy, but OMG... I have in 3 months, steadily lost 2 stone, and just know I will get to my target of another stone. Why? Because I am enjoying the journey! Andi is a very caring and interested therapist, who discusses lifestyle and eating changes with me and then, when I have agreed to try, she then 'suggests' these changes again through hypnotherapy.... and it's working. I have no cravings, and am enjoying eating foods I wouldn't have touched 3 months ago. Wow. Amazing! Aurora Best!!"
Motherwell, February 2016
"What fantastic work you do I could not believe the difference it made to me personally. Hypnosis also worked wonders for my son who was so frightened to go to bed on his own or even up into his room. He now has no trouble going upstairs on his own or going to sleep and has had no more nightmares. Big thanks to you Andileeb. Thank you so much for helping us out x"
Glasgow, January 2016
"Had four virtual gastric band sessions with Andi...She made me feel so relaxed and totally at ease...as quickly as after the first session I started to feel less hungry, more motivated, determined and confident. I lost a total of 6lb after my very first session! She has really helped me a lot... definitely would recommend her to anyone."
Glasgow, December 2015
"If you're even curious or wondering if hypnosis could work for you and are on this site thinking about it, I want to tell you to just go for it! I have had a phobia of spiders for as long as I can remember, a few sessions of hypnotherapy with Andi has brought about a real change in me, so much so that I am more confident and calm when dealing with spiders than ever before. Andi made me feel so relaxed and comfortable - thank you!"
Airdrie, February 2016
"Andi is a very professional and practiced practitioner and Reiki Master, whom we at Chris's House, consider are very fortunate to have. Andi gives her professional service completely free of charge, paying it forward to help others in distress. Our guests although often in crisis, feel an instant connection with her beautiful heart and soul. Thank you Andi. Good Luck."
Anne Rowan, Founder of Chris's House, Scottish Charity SC04453.
Airdrie, December 2015
"Very professional and caring practitioner who is respectful and dedicated. The therapy has had a profound impact on my life and has been instrumental in my healing journey."